Ace Parking Project  - Part 1

I recently was contacted about creating a Sacramento Wall Mural for a local Valet/Parking company for their employee break room. After coming up with some ideas the final product would be a sunrise and a black city stencil. Employees were asked to submit their favorite car they have valeted. The cars are going to be placed under the city in white, silver and gold. This is part 1 of the project. The room is much improved and the employees seem to be uplifted in their moral and spirits. Check out the pictures and stay tuned for updates!!
PictureDavid Garbaldi Comment on Instagram
This was an awesome thing to see, the famous David Garibaldi artist that was on America's got talent commented on my photo. He is a local Sacramento artist and this was just great to hear from him and connect on an artist level. Making a difference. I have seen him perform and he is amazing. I highly suggest seeing him LIVE if you have the chance!


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