I have now completed the wall at the Ace Parking garage in downtown Sacramento. The break room looks complete now with the cars on the wall under the city. Each car represents an employee working for Ace Parking Sacramento. Take a look at the pictures to see the end of the process of the mural. See what cars you can identify!! 

Ace Parking Project  - Part 1

I recently was contacted about creating a Sacramento Wall Mural for a local Valet/Parking company for their employee break room. After coming up with some ideas the final product would be a sunrise and a black city stencil. Employees were asked to submit their favorite car they have valeted. The cars are going to be placed under the city in white, silver and gold. This is part 1 of the project. The room is much improved and the employees seem to be uplifted in their moral and spirits. Check out the pictures and stay tuned for updates!!
PictureDavid Garbaldi Comment on Instagram
This was an awesome thing to see, the famous David Garibaldi artist that was on America's got talent commented on my photo. He is a local Sacramento artist and this was just great to hear from him and connect on an artist level. Making a difference. I have seen him perform and he is amazing. I highly suggest seeing him LIVE if you have the chance!


Recently I saw a few Panthers players looking around to get some custom shirts made.  Being that the Panthers are my favorite sports team and I am a die hard fan even here on the west coast!! This was a great opportunity to connect with the players and pump them up for the 2013/14 NFL season!! I want to thank the players for letting me make them shirts and I hope they wear them on gameday!! Pics Below

Did this custom MMA shirt for a friend of mine. His concept of Warrior's Never Stop - the NS in the corners of the shirt. The Paw Prints tribute to Native Americans. 
Oakland Raiders - Raider Nation custom shirt
Just started some samples of some major league baseball teams.  Working on integrating the team with the city.  San Francisco Giants are the first done.
This is my third shirt for the formula drift series.  Was a great event and was able to get 60+ professional drivers to autograph the shirt! I called it "The Beach" and was a great success!! Check out the pictures for more details along with some other recent customer orders.
The Beach
Back of the shirt, RX8 on the sand
Updated shirt orders I have done this Spring 2013 - Take a look 
I have recently updated my photo-stream with all my new projects completed in the Fall and Winter. I am pleased with the new techniques I have been using along with colors, designs, concepts.  

Working with my customers and giving them what they ask for is a great feeling.

Take a look at a few down below - 

Miami Vice - Lebron 9 Elite - for ZayaX0712

Watch his videos - speaks the truth !!


MF Doom - Nike SB - for BF703

Looking for the Nike SB game - look no further !


Sacramento Kings - for ProfessorSnapp

This guy has mad hat knowledge and he keeps it real - check him out !


Cigar City - Nike SB - for codeNSB

My first subscriber got this for his free shirt !

I make custom shirts and artwork, mainly using sports teams, animals and lettering logos. I use stencil techniques to create one of a kind art that you can wear. I also take in request and see what I can produce.